DIY Kit: Ultralight Reflectix Pot Cozy Kit

DIY Kit: Ultralight Reflectix Pot Cozy Kit

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This kit includes all the materials necessary to create your very own ultralight, Reflectix pot cozy for your backpacking cook pot. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the package to arrive, pull up my instructional video on Youtube, and follow along in ease as I show you how to make a pot cozy step by step! But before I get ahead of myself...

Why even have a pot cozy? Isn't that extra weight?


Well I'm glad you asked... pot cozies are like little insulated puffy jackets for your backpacking pot. They prevent your pot's heat from escaping too rapidly thereby giving you benefits such as:

  • Keeping your food and drinks hot longer!
  • Boosting your fuel efficiency by not having to heat food as long. To cook many popular backpacking foods, you'll simply need to heat the water to boiling or near boiling, mix in your food, Enclose the pot/food in a cozy, and wait about 12-15 minutes until your food has fully cooked with heat trapped inside of it.
  •  The fuel savings here can actually save you weight on long trails and thru hikes. 
  • Protecting and containing your kitchen setup by storing it inside the cozy.
  • Isolating your food from all alien communication. (It's a literal foil hat for your pot!)


  • Most builds come out to around ~1 oz (~28 g) in weight. BONUS: Drop the old stuff sack and store your stove in the cozy to offset the weight of the cozy.

  • This kit will build a pot cozy for a pot up to 6" in diameter and up to 6" in height.
  • Each kit includes 2 sheets of Reflectix insulation (one for cutting circular tops/bottoms out of and a longer rectangle from which you can form sides) and 56" of aluminum foil tape.
  • Just to be clear... this is a kit to build your own, not an assembled pot cozy.


DIY Kit: Ultralight Reflectix Pot Cozy Kit